The Azur Selection is a Real Estate Investment Company, with interests primarily in hospitality in Greece and the South of France.

We have a uniquely differentiating value proposition. We are an investment company with the mindset of a hotel operator. We are a hotel operator with the mindset of an investment company.

Applying the insight gained through long experience in real estate, The Azur Selection acquires - through purchase or long term lease - hospitality and commercial properties in locations promising high potential.

The insight gained as manager/operator allows the Group to identify properties which promise significant market opportunity. This combination of real estate and operating insight produces high-potential, stable yield assets providing unique visitor experience and therefore offering high returns to all potential stakeholders - owners, investors, lenders, etc.

Investment opportunities are evaluated in terms of their potential conversion to unique properties offering a unique, and uniquely differentiated, high-end visitor experience.

The conversion of each property is undertaken by our own, wholly owned construction company with a strong focus on efficiencies and cost effectiveness. This results in an efficient portfolio of assets with low investment cost but with high market appeal.


Investing in places
Investing in ideas
Investing in people

An investment company with an operator’s mindset
A hotel operator with an investor’s mindset
Technical knowledge combined with human insight
Driven by passion and a perfectionist attention to detail